13 Best Bars in Austin According to Top Mixologists

13 Best Bars in Austin According to Top Mixologists

We asked our favorite mixologists in Austin for their favorite bars to drink in the city. Here are the 13 spots that earned their stamps of drink-pproval.

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If I have to pick one then I gotta say The Grackle.

- JR Mocanu


I'm going to preface this answer with: I don't go out much, if I'm downtown, I'm usually working, if I'm home I stay home. Therefore, my favorite places in Austin to drink are the downtown bars where I can visit with some homies and have a drink or few: Townsend, Firehouse, Roosevelt Room, Garage, Midnight Cowboy.

- Josh Loving, owner of Small Victory


My favorite place to drink is a toss up between Deep Eddy Canaret, King Bee Lounge and Poodie's Hilltop.

- Steven Robbins, principal bartender at Small Victory



Contigo Austin


You'll find me at Halcyon, King Bee Lounge, Firehouse, and/or Skylark Lounge. Too many great bars to pick just one

- J Scott Birch, bartender at Contigo



Alfonso Castillo IIIMy favorite place to drink in Austin; now that's a tough one. I guess I would have to pick Dirty Bill's. I love the bartenders and it's my go to for good people watching and a great time with friends.  Plus they have the beers I drink. I'm a beer and whiskey guy these days.

- Alfonso Castillo III, Operations Manager at Sourced & bartender at Weather Up


Michael Phillips


Mezcalaria Tobala at Whislers

- Michael Phillips, General Manager at Midnight Cowboy