Known as “The Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is a city that likes to have a good time.

With so much emphasis on live events, it’s no wonder ATX has developed a wide variety of craft cocktail bars. From “Dirty Sixth Street” to “Rainey Street” and all surrounding areas, enjoying a hand-crafted premium cocktail made with quality ingredients has never been easier.

Tequila and margaritas are the most popular choice for cocktails in Austin, but the explosion of breweries, wineries and distilleries in the city and nearby Hill Country region has diversified the area’s palate and made Central Texas a leader in the craft cocktail scene. With Sourced Craft Cocktails, you can enjoy high-quality cocktails and spirits without leaving your house. Sourced employs bartenders from Austin’s best bespoke cocktails bars to work in our kitchen, making fresh mixers made with whole fruits and syrups with no added artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


Sourced Craft Cocktails and the City of Austin

Sourced is a national craft cocktail company that began right here in Austin, TX. We employ some of the best bartenders in Austin and the rest of the cities we work in to prepare, serve and deliver our cocktails to the people. We specialize in mixing and pouring custom-crafted cocktails at events and providing them to people in their homes. We pride ourselves on being a full-service operation. Whether you book us for a corporate event or order one of our home craft cocktail kits, we provide everything you need to enjoy our drinks: alcohol, mixers, garnishes, jiggers, and our branded reusable cups. Austin is where we started, and while we deliver top-tier service in products in every city we serve, we’re doing our best to keep Austin weird. 


Sourced Event Services

Our bartenders love serving our products to both new and familiar faces. If you need cocktail service, we are a step up from caterers who bring a collection of basic boozes and two-liter soda bottles to mix drinks. You select the cocktails you want to be served at your affair, and we will come and mix them. We have several promotional packages that are ideal for office events. 


Virtual Happy Hour

If you’re thinking that work-at-home or hybrid schedules affect your team’s cohesiveness, this is an ideal solution. With our virtual happy hour, we deliver all of the ingredients to your employees who live around Austin or one of our other service areas. All of the participants meet on Zoom, where one of our mixologists walks them through the steps to assemble their cocktails. At the end, you and your co-workers raise a glass in celebration. 


In-Office Happy Hours

Who doesn’t love a good happy hour to blow off some steam, but hauling your entire office to a bar means that you have to pay bar prices for whatever they order. And there are always a few stragglers or no-shows. Avoid exorbitant bar tabs or two-drink maximums with an in-office happy hour by Sourced. Just pre-order the drinks you want, choose your date and experience perfect attendance that day. 


Team-building Cocktail Classes

We have four individual cocktail classes that are ideal for team-building events. One even entails a “Chopped” style cocktail competition. One of our world-class cocktail mixologists will host the event. Your employees will learn to construct delicious cocktails, learn a little about the history of each, and of course, have a delicious drink or two together. This is honestly one of our favorite types of events to host. 


The Parlor Club 

Imagine an exclusive, high-end speakeasy at the height of the Prohibition Era and you have the inspiration for the Parlor Club. If you host a weekly, biweekly, or monthly event, this is the way to go. One of our delivery mixologists will deliver two draft cocktail infuser machines and set them up on the spot. These contain about 60 drinks combined. If you have to postpone your meeting for a few days, no worries. The growlers will keep your drinks fresh for up to seven days. Take the hassle out of creating themes for every meeting. You can change the drinks you order every time.


Sourced Home Deliveries 

Home cocktail delivery is tricky for a number of reasons, but like our drinks, we’ve concocted the perfect recipe:

  1. Choose from Today’s Menu, Cocktails ON TAP, or Build Your Own Kit
  2. Check to make sure your zip code is within our delivery area. (Austin, we’ve got you covered.)
  3. Choose a delivery date and time between 4:00 p.m and 8:00 p.m. Legally, we can’t deliver after 9:00 p.m.
  4. Track your order via text messages.
  5. We deliver everything you need to make your cocktails: alcohol, mixers, garnishes, a jigger, and Sourced reusable serving cups. These will come in an attractive tote that you can reuse however you like to use toters. 

For Cocktails ON TAP, you keep the growler and can order refills. Our delivery bartender will set it up for you right at your front door. 


Sourced Craft Cocktails for Austin

Sourced Craft Cocktails is available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C. and many other major metropolises, but Austin is our home. Now we can deliver the people of Austin superior cocktails at work and in their homes. Order Sourced today, Austin!