The “D” in “Big D” might stand for Dallas, but it could very well apply to the city’s love of “drinks.” After all, Dallas is the city that invented the frozen margarita. From Deep Ellum and Uptown to Addison and Lower Greenville, the east side of the North Texas Metroplex has plenty of exciting areas to explore locally produced premium craft cocktails. Because of Dallas’s wide-ranging geographic reach, there are countless breweries, hipster bars, underground clubs, high-end restaurants, upscale lounges, and even a honky-tonk bar around almost every corner of the city.


With Sourced Craft Cocktails, you can enjoy high-quality cocktails and spirits without leaving your house. Sourced employs bartenders from Dallas’ best bespoke cocktails bars to work in our kitchen, making fresh mixers with whole fruits and syrups with no added artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


Sourced Craft Cocktails in Dallas, TX

Dallas may be one of the ten biggest cities in the U.S., but our experience as libation experts tells us that they’re possibly the thirstiest. That’s fine with us because we have plenty of drinks to serve. Dallas has a pretty legit Prohibition history as well. While the rest of the Lone Star State contended with the Texas Anti-Saloon League and a slew of state and federal probes trying to shut down alcohol distribution, Dallas boasted 300 saloons, which was about one per hundred residents at the time. That’s some fierce resistance. Today, a company like Sourced Craft Cocktails is free to serve delicious custom drinks at Dallas events and can deliver them to Dallas doorsteps. 


The Events Sourced Craft Cocktails Hosts

We employ experienced bartenders to host your events. While we are available for all manner of affairs, galas, and parties, we specialize in corporate happy hours and business events. Here are some of our featured packages. 


Virtual Happy Hour

If your company has embraced “the new normal” and your employees work from home or are on a hybrid schedule, you may be having a difficult time keeping up the camaraderie. We have just the solution. Our virtual happy hours are the glue that will bind your crew. We deliver identical cocktail kits to your employees’ homes, and at a predesignated time, you’ll all meet on a Zoom with one of our professional Dallas mixologists and learn how to concoct your drinks. In the end, you can all click your Sourced reusable cups against your webcams in a toast. 


In-Office Happy Hours

This is the solution to the age-old happy hour dilemma. How do you keep your office happy hour from turning into a free-for-all by the second round? You have it in the office. With an in-office happy hour, our mixologists will bring the cocktail ingredients, mixers, garnishes, and cups to your office and set them up wherever you like: the conference room, the kitchen, or the smoking lounge. They will provide cocktail bar service for your employees with delicious, professionally made cocktails. No one has to go home to change for the in-office happy hour.


Team-building Cocktail Classes

Do you have teammates who are having a difficult time engaging with others in the group? Nothing unifies a team like an event featuring cocktails and a little friendly competition. We have four different team-building packages, including one that pits competitors against one another in a contest to see who can build the best cocktail. We supply everything, and one of our trained mixologists will lead the charge. 


The Parlor Club

If you host a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meeting, event, or social hour, the Parlor Club allows you to schedule the regular delivery of two of our vacuum growlers containing the cocktails of your choice. All that your attendees need to do is fill one of our re-usable cups (provided) with ice and pull the lever. The growlers will keep your drinks fresh for up to seven days, so don’t worry about overordering. 


The Sourced Cocktail Home Delivery Service

For years, companies have tried to develop a way to legally home deliver craft cocktails in communities like Dallas. Now, in addition to developing award-winning cocktail recipes, Sourced has refined the art of home cocktail delivery. We offer three great ways to order and consume cocktails in your home: 

  • Shop Today’s Menu – We deliver everything you need to make our favorite cocktails, including the booze, mixers, instruction, a jigger, and cups.
  • Shop Cocktails ON TAP – Our mixologist will bring you a reusable growler and will prepare it for you at the door.
  • Shop Build Your Kit – You pick the liquor and a recipe, and we deliver your kit.


To take advantage of our delivery service:

  1. Choose from Today’s Menu, ON TAP, or Build Your Kit.
  2. Check to make sure we deliver in your zip code. If you’re in Dallas, we do.
  3. Pick a delivery date and time between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. For same-day delivery, try to get your order in before 2:00 p.m.
  4. Track your delivery via text alerts, so you don’t miss it.


Dallas’s Number One Cocktail Provider

If you live in Dallas and you like a great cocktail made with natural, locally sourced ingredients, you owe it to yourself and your guests to try our event hosting or home delivery service. Craft cocktails in Dallas are back! Order today.