Los Angeles might be the “City of Angeles,” but those angels are very thirsty based on the number of opulent cocktail bars that populate LA. In a town that’s known for its Hollywood celebrities, trendy fashionistas, and stylish influencers, the Los Angeles nightlife scene is about looking chic and drinking upscale premium drinks. West Hollywood’s bar scene is a premier location for high-end aesthetics, bespoke cocktails, and a world-famous music scene. Downtown Los Angles has several sub-neighborhoods offering an impressive nightlife experience, especially in the Business or Arts Districts.

But if seeing and being seen in LA’s nightlife isn’t as much of a priority as scoring a great cocktail, then Sourced Craft Cocktails can provide an amazing hand-crafted cocktail without having to leave your home. Sourced employs bartenders from LA’s best bespoke cocktails bars to work in our kitchen, making fresh mixers with whole fruits and syrups with no added artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Sourced Craft Cocktails is both proud and honored to serve our premium alcoholic beverages to the 18 million residents of Greater Los Angeles. Our goal is to make sure that professionally crafted cocktails are accessible to everyone in LA who’s over 21 and wants them. 


How Sourced Craft Cocktails Works in LA

Home to some of the premier restaurants and bars globally, the City of Angels also employs some of the top mixologists in the world. These are the same people who Sourced Craft Cocktails employs to host our events, mix our cocktails, and make deliveries to your home or office. Sourced does not take business away from LA bartenders. On the contrary, we give them jobs for when they’re off shift and want to make extra income. Additionally, we locally source our alcohol, mixer ingredients, and produce from local LA businesses.

Sourced has event-hosting and home cocktail service down to a science. Read about our services, order, and learn just how good we are at our jobs. 


Sourced Event Hosting

We take the work out of drink service at corporate events and add a touch of panache to the standard drink service. You choose the cocktails you would like to serve at your event, and we do the rest. We will bring the alcohol, ingredients to craft our cocktails, garnishes, and cups. Your attendees will love the step up from the basic mixed drinks involving alcohol and a soft drink that they’ve been served at their previous affairs. Here are some creative ideas that we’re promoting for office events: 


Virtual Happy Hour

If you feel like your team is losing its bond due to a work-from-home or a hybrid schedule, virtual happy hours are a fantastic way to get the team together without them having to leave their homes. We will deliver the ingredients for the drink of your choice to all of the participants — as long as they live in our delivery areas — and then we’ll host a Zoom meeting. Your employees will learn from a skilled mixologist, and then all have a drink together. 


In-Office Happy Hour

If you’re in charge of the party-planning committee in your office, we are about to make you a workplace hero. With in-office happy hours, a mixologist comes to your location with all of the elements you need to make the cocktails that you choose. This is a much more convenient and cost-effective option than going to a local bar and treating your employees to drinks on the company card. 


Team-Building Cocktail Classes

This is literally one of our favorite events to host. We bring your employees everything required to craft the cocktails of your choice — booze, mixers, jiggers, cups, etc. — and then we teach them how to make our delicious cocktails. We have four different classes. One option even ends up in a competition. 


The Parlor Club

This is a perfect option if you have a regular weekly, biweekly, or monthly event that requires libations. The Parlor Club provides two of our GrowlerWerksuKeg draft cocktail infuser machines, which our delivery bartender will fill with your drinks of choice. All you have to do is put ice in a cup and pull the tap. The infusers keep the drinks fresh for up to seven days. No one calls in sick or asks to go home early when they know that the Parlor Club will be in session. 


Sourced Home Deliveries

Home delivery of liquor around Los Angeles has always been tricky due to the stricter regulations concerning alcohol than other types of products, but Sourced has cracked the code. There are three ways that you can enjoy a Sourced craft cocktail in your home:

  • Shop Today’s Menu – Our menu offers 20 or so cocktails on a daily basis. When you receive your kit in a quality European tote, it will include the alcohol you need, mixers, instructions, a jigger, and serving cups. You just need to provide the ice. These kits make 8 to 12 drinks at a price that’s a fraction of what you’d pay for in bars.
  • Shop Cocktails ON TAP – This option is perfect when you’re hosting a party or you would like to savor and enjoy your cocktails over a few days. Our delivery bartender will show up at your house with a small or large GrowlerWerksuKeg draft cocktail infuser machine, which you keep. They will mix your drinks in the growler for you at your door. Each growler holds 15 or 30 drinks that will last up to seven days, and you can order refills from us.
  • Shop Build Your Kit – If you have a particular alcohol preference, you can shop by the bottle and then select your kit from our offerings. You will receive all of the ingredients, instructions, a jigger, and reusable serving cups.


How Delivery Works 

Sourced home delivery is easy and convenient. Just follow these four steps:

  1. Choose from Today’s Menu, ON TAP, or Build Your Own.
  2. Check to ensure that we deliver in your area. Most of Greater LA is in our service area.
  3. Select an available delivery date and time between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Local laws prohibit deliveries past 9:00 p.m. If you order before 2:00 p.m., you may be able to get same-day delivery.
  4. Track your delivery via text messages.


Sourced Craft Cocktails in Los Angeles

Everyone deserves an amazing cocktail made from premium spirits and carefully selected, locally sourced ingredients. Now, Sourced gives LA residents and workers multiple convenient alternatives. Order Sourced at home or schedule us for your next event!