Even after the sun sets on its beautiful beaches, Miami is a hot place to be due to its colorful and lively nightlife. The highest concentration of bars can be found in the trendy area of South Beach, but bars that serve high-end, hand-crafted bespoke cocktails can be found throughout South Florida. 

Due to its proximity to the Caribbean, rum is by far the most popular spirit in Miami. From Cancháncharas to the Piña Colada, the fusion of Spanish-Caribbean cultures is alive and well, not only on the streets of Miami but in its cocktails as well. If the party vibes of Miami’s nightlife aren’t as much of a priority as scoring a great cocktail, then Sourced Craft Cocktails can provide an amazing hand-crafted cocktail without having to leave your home. Sourced employs bartenders from South Florida’s best craft cocktails bars to work in our kitchen, creating fresh mixers made with whole fruits and syrups with no added artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


Miami and Sourced Craft Cocktails

Miami we see you. We may not have started here, but your loud, partying lifestyle caught our attention. In other words, we wanted to bring the Sourced Craft Cocktail experience to the Magic City. Miami is a city that’s known for always being on the precipice of an art explosion, with Art Basel, Wynwood, and local art scenes all over the tri-county area. We know the hungry, driven artists of South Florida. Many of them work their night jobs slinging cocktails and some of those even work in the Sourced Craft Cocktail kitchens. 

Sourced hires top-tier bartenders from around the city of Miami to host our events and facilitate our home cocktail delivery service. When you buy drinks from Sourced, you put money right back into the pockets of local cocktail artisans, shops, and the South Florida economy. 


Sourced Event Services in Miami

We love hosting a good party, and we have some great ideas for bringing our handmade cocktails to your work environment. Here are four ways that Sourced can make your office event the talk of the town. 


Virtual Happy Hour

What’s the worst part about working from home? You can’t all have a drink together. Well, we’ve cured the problem for offices that are suffering from the work-at-home or hybrid-schedule blues. With our virtual happy hour, your employees will receive drink kits at their homes before the big event. They’ll include liquor, mixers, cups, and a jigger. They only need to answer the door and supply ice. One of our professional mixologists will host a zoom meeting where you’ll all toast with the cocktails you just learned to make. 


In-Office Happy Hours

We wouldn’t want the work-at-home crowd to have all of the fun —  and they won’t. With in-office happy hours, we do all the work. The same mixologist who delivers your drinks will mix and serve them for your loyal staff. We supply the alcohol, mixers, cups, etc. This has several huge advantages over bar happy hours: no stragglers, no unwanted joiners, and overall, way more cost-effective than flitting the bill at a Miami bar. 


Team-building Cocktail Classes 

If you’ve got a couple of employees who have an axe to grind or maybe a few introverts, this is the way to bring the team together for the greater good: making and drinking cocktails. We have four different classes that are designed to get employees socializing and working together. One of the packages even pits them against each other in a fun, friendly competition. 


The Parlor Club

If you’re responsible for hosting a weekly, biweekly, or monthly office event, you should really leave the beverage service to us. When you’re in the Parlor Club, one of our mixologists will arrive at the preappointed time with two of our draft cocktail infuser machines, set them up with the drinks of your choice, and leave you to your own devices. If you can pull a lever, you can draw a cocktail. The drinks will last for up to a week, so you don’t need to worry about leftovers. 


Sourced Home Cocktail Services

You can’t beat the convenience of home delivery, but for years, most companies wouldn’t deliver alcohol to the home. That’s all changed, and Sourced Craft Cocktails takes this type of home delivery much further. With three ways to order, you can have fresh, delicious custom cocktails in your home whenever you want them. 

  • Shop Today’s Menu – You will select one of our kits from today’s menu, and we will deliver everything you need in a European tote: the alcohol that the recipe requires, mixers, garnishes, instructions, a jigger, and our high-quality reusable cups. The kits make 8-12 drinks for an unbeatable price. 
  • Shop Cocktails ON TAP – One of our mixologists will show up with a small (15 drinks) or large (30 drinks) cocktail infuser growler and mix it by your door. Your growler is reusable for your next run, and it will keep your drinks tasting great for up to a week. 
  • Shop Build Your Own Kit – If you love a certain spirit, but especially THAT spirit, you can pick your bottle and then choose one of the cocktails that we’ve paired with it. The delivery works similarly to Today’s Menu, and you’ll have everything you need. 

Delivery is easy:

  1. Make sure you’re in our delivery area. We cater to most South Florida zip codes.
  2. Pick a delivery time between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Order before 2:00 p.m. if you want same-day delivery while available. 
  3. Place your order.
  4. Track your delivery via text messages. 

Cocktails are a Right

Miami, you’ve earned your right to drink cocktails where and when you want. Whether you take advantage of Sourced event hosting or you just want a bar-quality cocktail in the privacy of your home, Sourced Craft Cocktails has you covered. Order today!