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Balcones Cask Strength Old Fashioned Kit

16 Cocktails

$ 90.00 USD

($ 5.62 / drink)

The Balcones Cask Strength Old Fashioned Kit is a cocktail package that highlights the Republic's Finest special reserve, which is pulled from a single oak barrel at the Balcones distillery in Waco, Texas.

Because this comes from a single barrel, and isn't a 'blended whisky,' the flavor profile and alcohol percentage is consistent only to this distinct collection. It offers a 66.2% ABV, which is stronger than most traditional Balcones offering.

This limited whisky selection provides heavy notes of chocolate, kettle corn, vanilla, and candied pecans. On the palate expect a punch of cinnamon, maple syrup, corn oil, and caramel. When sipping this neat, we recommend adding a touch of filtered water to help open up this whisky.

This whisky is available through Sourced and includes a special edition bottle, along with an 8 oz. mix of freshly prepared cordial and everything else needed for making your own Old Fashioned at home. 

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is only available for delivery in Dallas and Austin.


Balcones True Blue Cask Strength Single Barrel Straight Corn Whisky and Sourced Cordial.

Your Delivery Includes:

  • 750mL of Balcones True Blue Cask Strength Single Barrel Straight Corn Whisky
  • An 8oz bottle of all fresh ingredients batched together to make 16 Old Fashioned cocktails
  • A jigger to help you measure out each cocktail
  • A menu with instructions on how to mix your cocktail
  • High-quality Sourced branded plastic cups

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