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Batch & Bottle - Margarita

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Batch & Bottle is a range of premium, ready-to-serve cocktails, each crafted to showcase one of the world’s best spirits. The new Batch & Bottle Milagro Margarita delivers a bright, fresh-tasting Margarita straight from the bottle, with no skills or extra ingredients needed: simply chill, pour & garnish!


*Not available in TX/CA until April 1

Your Delivery Includes

  • 2 bottles of the Batch & Bottle Milagro Margarita (Each bottle serves 4-5 cocktails)
  • A custom tin of Grapefruit Salt, to bring a burst of citrus flavor to the rim of your Milagro Margarita glass
  • Premium tools to elevate your next happy hour: cocktail picks, a garnish knife and a stirring spoon
  • High-quality Sourced branded cups