Bee's Knees - Sourced: Craft Cocktails Delivered
Bee's Knees - Sourced: Craft Cocktails Delivered

Bee's Knees

$ 8.57 / drink

Craft on Draft with Hendrick's Gin

Enjoy flawless draft cocktails with Hendrick's Gin for the next 7 days! 

With our draft cocktail infuser, get flawless Bee's Knees cocktails at the pull of a handle. PERFECT for taking with you on your Summer Road Trip or over to a close friend's house for a backyard BBQ.


One of our favorite classic gin cocktails – featuring homemade honey syrup and fresh squeezed lemon juice, Bees Knees with Hendrick’s Gin dispensed from our Sourced Draft Cocktail infuser has an almost creamy finish!


During your selected delivery day/time window, our senior Mixologist arrives at your home with the sealed bottles of spirits, our draft cocktail infuser by GrowlerWerks, and all non-alcoholic ingredients.

After checking your ID, our Mixologist - while wearing a mask and gloves - combines all ingredients in the Draft Cocktail infuser, charges it with a CO2 cartage and answers any questions you have about how the cocktail machine works.

Refrigerate the Sourced Infuser until thirsty and enjoy flawless cocktail anytime over the next 7 days.

When the infuser is empty, text us at 512-650-6246 and we’ll schedule a pick up of the empty machine. Just leave it on your front porch or with your doorman.

Your Delivery Includes:

  • A 64oz or 128oz Draft Cocktail Infuser featuring the Bee's Knees Cocktail
  • A professional bartender to deliver and set up your Draft Cocktails, as well as pick up the Cask when they are tapped
  • A menu with instructions on how to return the Sourced Draft Cocktail Infuser when empty
  • High-quality Sourced branded plastic cups

*Please note if you decide you would like to keep the machine after the 7 day period, we will charge your credit card on file $150.00 for the cost of the machine itself.

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