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Endeavor's Belvedere Organic Infusions Lemon & Basil 75

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($ 5.66 / drink)

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A fresh and bright blend of organic fruit and botanical infusions and organic Belvedere Vodka.

This unique but perfectly layered combination of organic lemon and basil, balanced with a touch of elderflower, delivers a delicious drink for any occasion, whether you’re enjoying with soda water or mixing your favorite cocktail like Lemon & Basil 75.

Made with only certified organic ingredients.

Learn more about Belvedere Organic Infusions HERE.


Belvedere Organic Infusions Lemon & Basil Vodka, fresh squeezed lemon juice, homemade honey water, cold pressed apple juice, and topped with sparkling wine.

Your Delivery Includes:

  • A 750mL bottle of Belvedere Organic Infusions Lemon & Basil Vodka
  • A bottle of Lemon & Basil 75 Cocktail Ingredients 
  • A 750ml bottle of sparkling wine
  • A Grow Your Own Garnish Seed Kit
  • A jigger to help you measure out each cocktail
  • A menu with instructions on how to mix your cocktail
  • 4 high-quality Sourced branded reusable cups

*Belvedere Organic Infusions is unavailable in Chicago