Ketel One Easy Lover
Ketel One Easy Lover
Ketel One Easy Lover
Ketel One Easy Lover

Ketel One Easy Lover

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Its easy to love this cocktail recipe with its smooth raspberry and mint tea syrup that cuts though the acidity of the lemon juice with just the right amount of sweetness. We promise this is one cocktail you'll want to hang on to.


Ketel One Vodka, fresh squeezed lemon juice, homemade raspberry syrup, homemade mint tea syrup, and soda water


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With our draft cocktail infuser, you can have high-quality craft cocktails for any occasion. Perfect for small parties or for your at-home weekly craft cocktail enjoyment. 

First time purchase? Pick the right size draft cocktail infuser for you and your family/friends to own. The small is enough for 15 cocktails and the large is enough for 30 cocktails. 

Already own and looking for a refill? Just select the cocktail mix you want and the right refill amount (small or large) for your appropriately sized draft cocktail infuser.

Your Delivery Includes:

  • A 64oz or 128oz Draft Cocktail Infuser for first-time purchasers full of the Easy Lover cocktail inside
  • A refill of the Easy Lover cocktail for refill purchasers
  • High-quality Sourced branded reusable cups

Please note: The C02 cartridges that come with a refill will be for the size of the refill. If you are ordering a small refill for your large ON TAP growler, you will need to request a large C02 cartridge in the section that allows for special instructions during checkout.