MARTINI & ROSSI Fiero Citrus
MARTINI & ROSSI Fiero Citrus
MARTINI & ROSSI Fiero Citrus

MARTINI & ROSSI Fiero Citrus

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15 Cocktails (Small) - First Purchase

Sourced ON TAP featuring  MARTINI & ROSSI Fiero 

Introducing MARTINI & ROSSI Fiero a Wine Based Aperitif made with a blend of white wine, botanicals, and 100% natural flavors. 15% ABV MARTINI & ROSSI Fiero has a refreshing bold citrus flavor from hand-cut sweet Spanish orange peels from Murcia, Spain. Fiero is the perfect accompaniment for the aperitivo occasion, pair with tonic water in a 50/50 equal part serve to help bring out its bold, citrus taste.

This zesty, bitter-sweet orange flavour, which again is 100% natural, is offered in our ON TAP growler with a mix of fresh-squeezed lemon and grapefruit juices and a topping of St-Germain elderflower liquor for a flavor profile that is sweet, tart and just a little bitter.


MARTINI & ROSSI Fiero, St-Germain, and fresh-squeezed lemon and grapefruit juices.


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Your Delivery Includes:

  • A 64oz or 128oz Draft Cocktail Infuser for first-time purchasers full of the Fiero Citrus cocktail inside
  • A refill of the Fiero Citrus cocktail for refill purchasers
  • A professional bartender to deliver and set up your Draft Cocktail Infuser and demo how it works
  • High-quality Sourced branded plastic cups

An Added Bonus! Every Martini & Rossi Fiero cocktail kit will include two Martini & Rossi Balloon Glasses