Fistful Of Bourbon - Sourced: Craft Cocktails Delivered
Fistful Of Bourbon - Sourced: Craft Cocktails Delivered

Partners in Parenting's Fistful Of Bourbon Gold Rush

12 Cocktails / Fistful Gold Rush

$ 52.62 USD

($ 4.38 / drink)



Fistful of Bourbon is a blend of five straight American bourbons- literally a damn fistful, made with over 100 years of whisky blending experience.  It’s the first American Whiskey brand created by William Grant & Sons, and not for nothin’ Fistful was awarded a Double Gold medal at the 2019 International Spirits Challenge (ISC) and a Gold medal at the 2020 San Francisco Spirits Awards. Seems like one mighty fine bourbon ya’ll shouldn’t miss out on!

Perfectly balanced fresh floral/leafy aromas are met by rich toffee and caramel, warm spice/nutmeg, and notes of cinnamon/licorice, finished with a lasting buttery sweetness, all blended together to make one bourbon that’s big, balanced and stands apart from all the rest. 



Our signature serve, GOLD RUSH will send you way out west with tart lemon juice and sweet golden honey syrup to blend perfectly with our bourbon.


Your Delivery Includes:

  • A 750mL of Fistful Of Bourbon
  • A bottle of all fresh ingredients batched together
  • A jigger to help you measure out each cocktail
  • A menu with instructions on how to mix your cocktail
  • High-quality Sourced branded plastic cups

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