Buchanan's Whisky Kit - Sourced: Craft Cocktails Delivered
Buchanan's Whisky Kit - Sourced: Craft Cocktails Delivered
Buchanan's Whisky Kit - Sourced: Craft Cocktails Delivered
Buchanan's Whisky Kit - Sourced: Craft Cocktails Delivered
Buchanan's Whisky Kit

Buchanan's Whisky Kit

6 Cocktails / Black Cherry Old Fashioned

$ 70.77 USD

($ 11.79 / drink)

Pick & Mix with Buchanan's Whisky

LIFE IS BETTER SHARED, SHARE SOMETHING GREAT  Just in time for the holiday season, Buchanan’s launches its new campaign, ‘Life Is Better Shared, Share Something Great.’  Whether over an intimate whisky cocktail or a shared meal with friends and family, Buchanan’s wants to remind people of what’s most important – the energy, community, and greatness evoked when we enjoy each other’s company with a glass of Buchanan’s.

A classic for nearly 100 years, Buchanan’s 12-year old whisky has a soft and fruity flavor, with orange and chocolate notes that allow it to be served on the rocks or with one of our three Sourced fresh cocktail mixes!

Buchanan's Scotch Whisky
Buchanan’s is named after the late James Buchanan, a driven whisky entrepreneur who crafted a Scotch that redefined greatness. Instead of creating a Scotch to be revered, he created a uniquely smooth blend that has orange and chocolate notes,  that can be shared and enjoyed by all.


Black Cherry Old Fashioned: Homemade tart cherry juice and premium burlesque bitters, the Black Cherry Old Fashioned is modern enough to convert a first time Old Fashioned drinker while respectful of the traditional balance to please the classics!

Highland Margarita: Fresh-squeezed lemon juice, homemade orange cinnamon syrup, and orange cordial paired with a scotch whisky? You bet! A delicious riff on your classic margarita.

3rd Dimension: Fresh-squeezed lemon juice, homemade blackberry syrup, spiced fruit cordial. Three layers that bring a wonderfully delicious complexity to your favorite whisky. 

Your Delivery Includes:

  • A 375mL or 750mL of Buchanan's Whisky
  • A bottle of all fresh ingredients batched together
  • A jigger to help you measure out each cocktail
  • A menu with instructions on how to mix your cocktail
  • 4 high-quality Sourced branded plastic cups

Added Bonus: To further facilitate the spirit of togetherness, each cocktail kit delivery in LA, New York City, and Austin will include limited-edition Buchanan's ¡Pa’ La Cultura! swag that celebrates Hispanic culture, including a tote bag, cocktail coasters, and a unique, fun game to enjoy with family and friends.

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