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Sourced Craft Cocktails
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Learn the techniques, the traditions, and history of cocktails in these highly interactive educational classes.

make it a memory

Shaken & Stirred

Shaken & Stirred
Hands down our favorite educational class! Perfect for Corporate Team building and sure to light the competitive spirit for the crown of the best Shaken & Stirred original cocktail.
This is WAYYY more fun and memorable than the ropes course. 

Class Overview:

Guests will be greeted with a welcome cocktail as they arrive to kick off the event and get everyone ready for the big competition. Once everyone has a cocktail in hand, our mixologists will explain the competition, teach everyone the trilogy and chemistry behind what makes a good cocktail, and discuss the bar tools at their disposal.

Then we will break into teams and give everyone their cocktail ingredients and let the teams create their very own cocktail with the help of our highly trained Sourced mixologists.

Each Team then presents their cocktail to our Mixologist judges who will score each cocktail and select a winner. A final round of cocktails will be served so everyone can celebrate!


3 craft cocktails per person, physical bar, Sourced mixologists, premium spirits from our retailer partners, handmade syrups, all the proper bar tools and glassware as well as ice.