The Cointreau Catching Up Over Cosmos Kit
The Cointreau Catching Up Over Cosmos Kit

The Cointreau Catching Up Over Cosmos Kit

$ 75.00 USD
($ 12.50 / drink)

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6 Cocktails + Bar Tools & Glassware

This holiday season, we’re finally able to reunite with friends and family. In celebration, Cointreau is excited to partner with award-winning actor and entrepreneur Jessica Alba to create the ultimate holiday Cosmopolitan kit, perfect for seasonal entertaining and catching up with loved ones. 

An essential ingredient at the heart of more than 500 classic cocktails, including The Classic Cosmopolitan, Cointreau is all about bringing people together to catch up over their favorite cocktails. From at-home holiday festivities, virtual celebrations to cozy nights-in, the time is always right for a Classic Cosmopolitan with Cointreau. 

Each beautifully curated kit includes the following ingredients and complimentary premium bar tools and glassware (total retail value of $115): 

  • One 375ml bottle of Cointreau
  • One 375ml bottle of vodka
  • Non-alcoholic ingredients for the Classic Cosmopolitan 
  • Non-alcoholic ingredients for the Spicy Cosmopolitan 
  • Two Libby Coupe Glasses 
  • One Cocktail Shaker 
  • One Jigger 
  • Instructions on how to make each cocktail  

Order now with kits being delivered starting November 16th.

Happy Cosmo Crafting - Cheers!