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We can admit it: 2020 was a doozy and we’re here with you. Coming out of the holidays and whatever 2020 was, we know that some people may be choosing to limit their alcohol intake during the first month of the year.

The new year offers each of us an opportunity to identify our upcoming goals and start with a clean slate in trying to realize our ambitions in all areas of our lives from our health, lifestyle, or even professional goals. Whether you're starting 2021 with 'Dry January' looking to lower your alcohol consumption, or have a desire to drink only top shelf spirits this year, Sourced has a solution for your that can be delivered to your front door today. Here are our tips:

1. Make it fun.

Dry January most certainly doesn't have to be boring! Seltzer brands like Phocus are creating phenomenal products for you to try. One way we’ve used it is in our Phocus Water Apple Peach Cobbler Mocktail. It is the healthy, high gear treat, with its apple cinnamon flavor that pairs perfectly with Phocus’ peach-flavored caffeinated soda water.
Throughout the year, in addition to our lineup of premium cocktail kits, Sourced is offering low-ABV and alcohol-free mocktail kits for those interested in a great tasting drink without any alcohol.

2. Update your perspective on alcohol.

If you do choose to go back to drinking alcohol, bring out your inner connoisseur. Impress the crowd with your ability to know about some of the amazing distillers in the world and their processes.

3. Commit to a healthy lifestyle overall.

Commit to healthy and sustainable drinking habits if you start drinking again in February. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and you’re being a responsible and respectful person to yourself, your community, and the people around you.

Overall, we encourage people to use cocktails and mocktails as ways of experimenting with their palates and create community with their communities so we’re here to provide refreshing drinks no matter what your lifestyle choices are currently. When you’re ready for it to be over, celebrate your run with dry January in February with an amazing Sourced Craft cocktail--or mocktail-- kit for your friends and family, take 10% off our Peach Apple Cobbler Mocktail and low-ABV Plume and Petal Cucumber Splash Spritz with the discount code DRYJANUARY2021. Discount is valid through January 31, 2021.


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