How It Works

Sourced Craft Cocktails is a revolutionary cocktail delivery service. What always seems to impress and amaze our faithful clients — and the rest of us, if we’re being honest — is that once we got the recipe for success down, the whole operation is quite simple. Read on to learn more about Sourced Craft Cocktails and to read the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Sourced Cocktail Development

We started with a dedication to the kind of delicious craft cocktails that you used only to be able to get at craft cocktail pubs, speakeasies, and upscale restaurants. At Sourced, we didn’t think it was fair to cocktail enthusiasts to be relegated to mixed drinks like rum and coke or gin and tonic when they attended a party, wedding, or corporate event. So, we hired the best mixologists we could find — world-class bartenders with experienced palates — to staff our kitchens. There we began creating our mixes with whole fruits and natural syrups. The result was an extensive collection of bespoke mixers that could be transported without losing their exquisite taste. Our customers can now enjoy a delicious craft cocktail in their home, at a house party, an office party, or a corporate event. 

Sourced Craft Cocktails Services

At Sourced, we have two types of services: home delivery and business events. Here is a short description of what’s available for each.

Business Services 

  • Virtual Happy Hour – Ideal for businesses with work from home (WFH), remote employees, or employees with hybrid schedules. Sourced delivers cocktail kits to employees in our delivery area, and you all meet on Zoom for a happy hour. 
  • In-Office Cocktail Party – Our mixologists can help you host a cocktail party in your office. Ideal for special occasions or as just a way to say thanks to your employees. 
  • Team Builders – With four different options, your employees can learn about cocktails and have a drink or two together. One event includes a cocktail-making competition. 
  • Parlor Club – This is the perfect way to offer beverage service at recurring monthly, weekly, or biweekly events. You receive a large draft cocktail infuser, and our mixologist delivery person prepares it for you upon delivery. If there are leftovers, your cocktails taste great for up to seven days. 

Home Delivery Services

  • Today’s Menu (serves 6 to 12 cocktails) – This is our most popular home delivery service. You order from a dozen or so options and schedule your delivery time. You receive a package containing the liquor you need for your cocktails, our custom mix, a jigger, mixing instructions, and our branded reusable cups. 
  • Build Your Kit – Similar to Today’s Menu, but you base your purchase on the type of alcohol you prefer. Then you choose from the recipe options for bourbon, vodka, etc.
  • ON TAP – You select your cocktail recipe and whether you want a small or large cocktail infuser. New ON TAP purchasers will receive their ON TAP Cocktail Kit, including copper infuser, with cocktail already in the ON TAP device. After your first purchase, you keep the copper infuser, and refills are available after your first purchase. Cocktails in the infuser stay fresh for up to seven days.

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