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Difference Between American, Japanese, and Scotch Whisky

¬† ¬† When you think about the differences in whiskey, think about the different kinds of bread. Wheat bread and white bread and rye bread and cornbread are all quite different, but they also have wayyy more in common than say, bread and grapes do. BOOK NOW: Old Fashioned Cocktail Delivered To Your DoorAll whiskey is made from grain, usually a mix of different grains. You can use corn, various kinds of wheat, rye, barley, even sometimes more obscure grains like millet. The actual recipe of different grains used in a particular whiskey is called the ‚ÄėMash Bill‚Äô. A whiskey might be 75% corn, 15% rye, and 10% barley. (Think of a delicious multigrain bread!)Different grains have distinct flavors. Wheat...

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Best Event Space In Austin With Craft Cocktails Catered

Originally built in 1893, One Eleven East has been thoughtfully restored and designed to host weddings and events. One Eleven East's niche is more intimate gatherings of 155 guests and less. The loft venue is also utilized as a premier natural light studio for photography sessions and large-scale commercial shoots and productions. The design concept is simple, industrial, modern yet timeless and the white palette and open floor plan promotes versatility in the space. SEE ALSO: Book Sourced Craft Cocktails for your next event Sourced is all about bringing people together to have a good time and teaching them how to make craft cocktails. When Erika of One Eleven East reached out to collaborate on the The East Street Social Club, we knew it...

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13 Best Bars in Austin According to Top Mixologists

We asked our favorite mixologists in Austin for their favorite bars to drink in the city. Here are the 13 spots that earned their stamps of drink-pproval. SEE ALSO: Old Fashioned Cocktails Delivered To Your Door   If I have to pick one then I gotta say The Grackle. - JR Mocanu   I'm going to preface this answer with: I don't go out much, if I'm downtown, I'm usually working, if I'm home I stay home. Therefore, my favorite places in Austin to drink are the downtown bars where I can visit with some homies and have a drink or few: Townsend, Firehouse, Roosevelt Room, Garage, Midnight Cowboy. - Josh Loving, owner of Small Victory   My favorite place to drink is...

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