Company Culture and How to Improve Yours

Company Culture and How to Improve Yours

At the center of every company is its culture. Company Culture is the personality of your organization. It’s a shared set of values, beliefs and ideas that influence every detail of your company, from how your team works together to how you treat clients.

The most important thing about company culture is that it is always changing.

Every new hire introduces a new set of values, beliefs and ideas. They add a new perspective that causes a ripple in your company culture. It is important to pay attention to these ripples and evolve with them or your company culture can quickly fall apart.

While changing your company culture can be difficult, it is a priceless investment. Not only will you see positive results from the start, but you will also open the doors for skilled professionals to help take your company even further.

How to Improve Your Company Culture

Revisit Your Core Values

First things first, go back and look at your core values. Your core values influence behavior, business decisions, and serve as a guide for your employees. Your values should be simple, relatable and align with your culture. If they aren’t, it is okay to change them! Our tip when creating or changing your core values is to keep your business goals in mind. 

Evaluate Your Current Company Culture

Examine your current company culture and identify changes that need to be made. If your employees seem disengaged, not working together as a team, or you have a high turnover rate, that is a sign your company culture needs attention. While leadership controls company culture, the employees are the driving force behind it and the most influential in its changes. 

Create a Plan for Improvements and Track Your Progress

You revisited your core values and identified changes that need to be made, now it is time to create a detailed plan of action. Set a budget, iron out your strategy and build a timeline. If you don’t notice any change, adjust your efforts or strategy accordingly. 

Try starting with an anonymous survey to gauge weak points in the current company culture and ask for suggestions on what changes your employees would like to see moving forward. Authentic feedback is the backbone of any effective employee engagement strategy. 

The only way to know if you’re meeting your goals and truly making improvements to your company culture is to regularly assess your efforts. Continuously ask your employees for feedback to track your employee engagement. When employees provide genuine responses to an engagement survey, leaders can use it as the basis for targeted, well-informed decision-making.

How Sourced Can Help Improve Your Company Culture

Sourced creates opportunities for your employees to connect. Whether your work environment is remote, hybrid or in person, employees need to be able to communicate and build authentic relationships with one another outside of work. 

Happy Hour and Team Building

Gather your team together and turn your office into a fun happy hour spot for the evening. Offer your employees fresh, handmade craft cocktails and let your employees see the office in a different light. Hosting a happy hour for your team will allow them to socialize and in return improve trust, company culture and increase employee retention. Don’t worry about what you need to serve or provide - we’ll source EVERYTHING you need for a premium craft bar experience. Do you want something more team building focused? We’ve got you covered there, too! We offer fun educational style cocktail events that will allow you to gather your team together to learn about the fundamentals of making a great cocktail and testing their knowledge with a fun competition amongst their teammates! 

Parlor Club

If you want to incentivize your team weekly with a Happy Hour or provide your team with a cocktail to unwind at the end of the workday, Parlor Club is perfect for you. Parlor Club is a subscription service featuring Tap Draft Cocktails. Our Sourced on Tap Draft Cocktail machines start at $127.17 and offer 30 cocktails per machine. Yep - $4.24 per craft cocktail! The cocktails are fresh in our machine for an entire week and store easily in your office fridge between use! Give your team something to look forward to every week, month or quarter! Each week select a new cocktail to be delivered and give your team something to look forward to and talk about!

If you’re interested in improving your company culture, Sourced is here to help! Schedule our services today!

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