<h1>3 Tips On How To Order Gifts For Cocktail Lovers</h1> <p> </p>

<h1>3 Tips On How To Order Gifts For Cocktail Lovers</h1> <p> </p>

When ordering gifts for cocktail lovers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Though it may seem logical to get cocktails as a gift for people who enjoy cocktails, we've provided some tips for picking the perfect cocktail. Just because someone likes cocktails does not mean they like ALL cocktails, so in order to effectively buy cocktails or cocktail accessories for someone, it's necessary to know some things about their tastes. We'll help you out with the following.

1. Know Why They Like Cocktails

It is imperative to know why a person loves cocktails before buying them a cocktail kit as a gift. For example, do they enjoy cocktails for the taste, or do they enjoy them for the variety and depth of the subculture? Which answer you give commands different gift ideas and suggestions. Some people find the taste of strong liquor a little too intense, so they gravitate toward sweeter cocktails. Others, who are more into the variety and depth of the subculture might lean towards more potent concoctions.

2. Know Whether They Prefer Dark or Clear Liquors

The difference in taste between people who like dark liquors and those who like light liquors is similar to the differences between those who like cats or dogs. The two groups of people generally have minimal overlap with each other among cocktail lovers, so not knowing the person’s stance on this key division is an easy way to buy the wrong gift for that person. If the person prefers dark liquors, get them a cocktail gift with dark liquor and vice versa for clear liquor.

3. Know What Sort of Flavors They Prefer

Does your giftee like the dull burn of tequila, or do they prefer the sweetness of rum and citrus together? This rather fundamental question can be used to frame all your cocktail gift purchasing efforts, as there’s no point in getting someone a cocktail they will not enjoy the flavor of. As cocktails can range from bitter to sour, to sweet, and everything in-between, it is essential to identify which flavors, in particular, your gift recipient will like. For example, a mojito, which is mostly sweet with a little bit of zest and heat from the rum and mint, is an excellent gift for someone who also likes pina coladas, as both drinks are primarily sweet and aromatic.

Sourced Gift Options For The Cocktail Lover In Your Life

Explore these gift options offered by Sourced Craft Cocktails. Sourced provides the premium spirits, cups, juices, syrups, other ingredients, and jiggers needed to make your cocktail. All you do is assemble the cocktail in your own home! 

1. Pina Colada

This delicious and fruity concoction makes sense as a gift to everyone from cocktail experts to simple dilettantes just entering the world of cocktails. Made with delicious Zacapa rum, lime juice, pineapple juice, and homemade coconut syrup, this cocktail is a perfect sweet treat for the sweet cocktail lover in your life. The dark liquor rum in this cocktail gives it a slight bite and warm aftertaste, but it is generally overpowered by the pineapple and coconut’s sweetness. This is an excellent gift for someone just entering the cocktail world, as the taste is relatively friendly and sweet. It is also a good gift for an experienced cocktail lover if you have followed the tips above. Get this pina colada cocktail courtesy of Sourced Craft Cocktails!

2. Whiskey Mule

This hearty cocktail is a bit more advanced than the Pina Colada and still makes a perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life, although a bit more knowledge about their tastes is required. However, if you follow the three tips above, you should be completely fine getting them this gift. Crafted from whiskey, lime juice, simple syrup, and ginger beer, this heart cocktail has a primarily sweet profile with undertones of spice and heat from the whiskey and a strong tang from the lime and ginger beer. A dark liquor variation of the famous Moscow Mule, the Whiskey Mule, is relatively strong and has a bit of alcoholic heat to it, so again, be sure that your gift recipient likes dark liquor! This cocktail’s flavor profile is also generally friendly to the cocktail lover’s palette.

3. Classic Manhattan

An absolute cocktail classic, the Manhattan is a versatile drink enjoyed by many. Containing whiskey, sweet vermouth, and angostura bitters, this cocktail has a bit more advanced of a flavor profile better for experienced cocktail lovers. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your new-to-cocktails giftee won't like it, just that it is a bit more advanced in terms of knowing your giftee's taste. The sweet vermouth in the Classic Manhattan softens the blow of the angostura bitters. At the same time, the whiskey adds smokiness and heat to the overall flavor, resulting in a very full and warm flavor profile. Remember that Sourced Craft Cocktails doesn’t just send you the liquor and cocktail ingredients but also cups and the jiggers required to make the drink!

4. Mango Mule

Another variation on the classic Moscow Mule, but this time with clear liquor for your clear liquor cocktail-loving giftee. Made from vodka, lime juice, mango juice, and ginger beer, this excellent cocktail variation has a full, sweet flavor profile making it perfect for both beginners and experienced cocktail drinkers. The sharp bitterness of the vodka is ameliorated by the intense sweetness of the mango and mixes well to form a mostly sweet drink with a slight burning aftertaste, perfect for clear liquor lovers. This drink has a somewhat sharper flavor profile than the Whiskey Mule, but it is nonetheless a wonderful drink. Be sure to include this Mango Mule as a gift for your cocktail-loving gift recipient, particularly if you’ve followed the tips above and know that they prefer clear liquor.

5. French Kiss

A truly advanced cocktail lover’s cocktail, be absolutely certain that you have followed the tips above before buying this cocktail for your cocktail-loving giftee. Constructed from Chambord black raspberry liquor, vodka, lime juice, pineapple juice, and homemade raspberry syrup, this flavorful cocktail has a complex and pointed flavor profile. The bitterness of the black raspberry liquor and vodka gives the drink a serious punch and strong aftertaste, while the lime juice, pineapple juice, and raspberry syrup serve to soften the blow and add a bit of sweetness as well as complex fruity flavors. The mixture of the sweetness of the pineapple and raspberry syrup with the tang from the lime juice gives the whole cocktail a very complex and tropical flavor profile, set within the strong taste of the black raspberry liquor and vodka. Give the French Kiss cocktail to a friend as a gift only if you are confident of their taste in cocktails; however, they are sure to enjoy this surprisingly refreshing and delicious cocktail

Now you have the tips for how to buy cocktail gifts for your cocktail-loving friends, as well as a few example cocktails with both dark and clear liquor in order to help you pick out the perfect gift for your loved one. Sourced Craft Cocktails even allows you to build your own cocktail kit!


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