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The holidays are the ideal time to connect with friends, family, and even acquaintances. Celebrations are often marked with the exchange of gifts, decadent foods, and a toast with a delicious holiday drink. These are special times that demand a tasty craft beverage to earmark the occasion. This guide to holiday cocktails will either help you host a memorable holiday celebration or rocket you to the top of the "Guest of the Year" list when you bring a delicious cocktail package to your host

What Makes a Great Christmas Cocktail

Holiday cocktails should match the time of the year. They don’t have to be warm drinks, but they should warm you from the inside. A winter cocktail represents the time of the year, which is why they often feature “warmer” liquors, cinnamon roll garnishes, and apple cider mixers. They must appeal to four of the five senses: taste, smell, feel, and sight. Cocktails should taste delicious, feel wonderful as the warming liquor spreads through your body, and look amazing. The best way to demonstrate what goes into a holiday cocktail is by giving you a few examples.

These are some of the Sourced Craft Cocktails that we recommend for the holidays:

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  • Smirnoff Pumpkin Spice Mule – For vodka drinkers, this holiday cocktail favorite checks all of the boxes. This is a holiday-adjusted variation of the traditional Moscow Mule. Pumpkin chai syrup gives this mule a flavorful kick. Your tongue will tingle as you sip this from a copper mug or from one of our Sourced branded reusable cups (included).
  • Singleton of Glendullan 12-yr Winter Solstice – Who doesn’t love a good 12-year single malt during the holidays? For some, the rich smell of scotch is synonymous with winter. This holiday cocktail is delicious and surprisingly refreshing with winter cranberry puree, lemon juice, and all-natural orange syrup. 
  • Fistful of Bourbon ManhattanSummer is for martinis, but winters are for Manhattans. Nothing warms you up from the inside like a high-quality bourbon, which is just sweet enough to go perfectly with holiday snacks. This signature recipe includes Allessio Bianco vermouth, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters, and of course, Fistful of Bourbon. 
  • Baileys Mocha Me Crazy – What’s missing from so many holiday parties is a tasty dessert drink alternative to eggnog and rum. With a Bailey’s Irish Cream base and our Mocha Me Crazy mixer, this is a rich, delicious after-dinner cocktail that will leave all of the chocolate lovers satisfied. 
  • Bulleit Fall Old Fashioned – This probably should be called the fall/winter old fashioned because you really need a high-quality old fashioned for any temperature drop. With homemade spiced fig syrup, this is like no old fashioned that you’ve ever tasted.
Of course, we don’t believe in excluding cocktails. The perfect cocktail for the holidays is the one you want at the moment. But if you want your cocktails to have a traditional winter vibe, we recommend that you choose something fragrant, spicy, warming, and delicious. 

How Sourced Craft Cocktails Can Help

If we have you craving amazing holiday cocktails for your holiday party, but you’re not interested in emptying the shelves of your local liquor store and hiring a professional mixologist, we have solutions that work for office parties and on the homefront. You can choose from a variety of cocktails and services to make your special holiday event one worth repeating.

Hosting a Christmas or Hanukkah Party at Home

1. Shop ON TAP Cocktails

This is the perfect solution for not only your holiday party but for all holidays going forward. With ON TAP, you choose the cocktail of your choice and whether you want a small or large draft cocktail machine. The small serves 15, which is great if you’re just inviting a few friends over, and the large supplies 30 drinks, which is good for a larger gathering. We deliver it to your door and mix the cocktails there. Your guests just need to grab a cup, which we supply, fill it with ice, and then pour in your delicious cocktail right from the spout. The copper cocktail infuser has a nice holiday touch, and it's yours to keep for future events. The best part is that your drinks will stay fresh for up to a week if you’re lucky enough to have leftovers. Or, you can bring your growler to the party and become guest of the year.

2. Shop Today’s Menu  

This is another of our home delivery services that lightens the load for the host. You order the package or packages that you like, and one of our mixologist delivery bartenders will drop it at your door. The recipes are easy to follow, and your guests will think that you’re a cocktail prodigy. 

3. Shop Build Your Kit

With this home delivery option, you choose your booze first and then select a corresponding recipe. We deliver your favorite liquor along with some great mixers, a jigger, and some of our high-quality branded cups. 

Holiday Gift Packages

If you’re racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect gift for an adult family member or friend, ask yourself when the last time they had a perfect cocktail was. It doesn’t really matter. Even if it was yesterday, they’re going to love our Holiday Gift Cocktail Packages. Our packages each feature two craft cocktails. We will even deliver them for you as long as the recipient is there to receive the gift. Or you can have us deliver it to you, and you can present it to them.
  • Naughty & Nice – This holiday package features the New Old Fashioned Way with Bulleit Bourbon and the Naughty & Spice, which is made with Don Julio tequila. 
  • Merry & Bright – Our other holiday package combines ‘Tis the Season, which is a Crown Royal Vanilla-based cocktail, and the Merry Mule, which is our Ketel One twist on a Moscow Mule.  
Sourced Craft Cocktails wishes all of our customers and potential customers happy, safe, and prosperous holidays. Cheers!

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