new years eve cocktails
It’s officially time to say goodbye to 2020 and honestly, we can’t wait to say it’s over.
Although many of us won’t be able to have large gatherings, you can still bring in the New Year the right way with tons of joy and fantastic professionally-made cocktails.

1. Dress up and have a small party at home.
Just because we can’t have large gatherings, it doesn’t mean you can’t impress your friends and family with what might be the best (and only) professionally made drink they’ve had all year. Whether it’s on Zoom, Skype, or a CDC-approved pod, you can still gather your loved ones and celebrate the good that you did experience this year.
One specialty drink you should consider is our NYE package will include cocktail kits for the Lion's Tail and French 75 cocktail and will be able to provide you with enough cocktails for 8 people. Our French 75 cocktail takes the traditional NYE champagne toast to a whole new level. It has a delightful mix of gin, fresh squeezed lemon juice, homemade simple syrup and a topper of sparkling wine create a deliciously bubbly drink with an added kick.The kit also includes our Lion’s Tail which is an elevated whiskey sour featuring premium whiskey, fresh-squeezed lime juice, homemade honey syrup and allspice dram.

2. Do something kind for others
One way you can generate some good karma heading into the new year is by supporting local businesses and restaurants. When you buy a cocktail package from Sourced Craft Cocktails you can rest assured that you're supporting local bartenders who have been especially devastated by this climatic year.

3. Practice gratitude for the ways you’ve adapted.
2020 has tested us all and changed the nature of our day to day lives. Spend some time privately or collectively reflecting on all the things you learned this year and all the good you did experience this year.
Even if you haven’t had a New Years at home since high school, you can ring in 2021 the right way with a little thought, a positive attitude, and a cocktail kit from Sourced Craft Cocktails.

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