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As fast as Sourced is growing, we still haven’t saturated the market. That means that most of your guests haven’t had our bespoke cocktails. Be the hero of your own gala by introducing them to us.

The one thing that has defined every holiday and event since March of 2020 is the pandemic. While nearly everyone is ready to shed their non-Halloween masks and resume a normal life, many people are still hesitant about attending events. You’re bound to have a few of them on your list. In addition to the other battle-tested Halloween party hosting tips we’re going to give you, here are a few that will help you host a safe, fun event where everyone will feel comfortable.

Outdoor Entertaining

If you have nice weather, consider hosting an outdoor event. If you are determined to make it a house party, at least have some overflow seating outside so people can distance themselves and still have a good time.


Marked Plastic Cups

Sourced Craft Cocktails will supply our branded cups — and pass around a few Sharpies. Your guests can personalize their cups to avoid accidental sharing.


Cancel Self-Serve Food

A buffet-style table of snacks or bowls of chips might work most years, but to ensure hygienic service, you may want to take turns walking around with trays of food. This will allow you to monitor the food situation better. Instead of leaving out a bowl of M&M’s, get the small packages and put them in the same bowl.


Order Sourced Craft Cocktails ON TAP

We have an amazing system that allows you to order our ON TAP Draft Cocktail Growler with premixed delicious cocktails delivered in a beautiful copper growler that you can serve to your guests. While there are many advantages to the ON TAP system, one of the most important ones is that the infusion cocktail machine is highly hygienic. Guests can walk up with the cup we supply and pull the tap to get their own drinks. You can leave a stack of small napkins next to it so they don’t have to touch anything with their bare hands.

In 2020, it was nearly impossible to host a Halloween party. In 2021, we may not have fully emerged from the pandemic, but we have a much better understanding of what we’re up against. You can ethically host a Halloween party with a good turnout in 2021 if you take reasonable precautions.
Not every aspect of your Halloween party has to be somehow connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, and just because you have all of those boxes checked doesn’t ensure your success, but these tips will make your party both unique and successful:

  • Spare Costume Parts – It’s a Halloween party. People need to wear a costume, but what are you going to do if someone shows up without one? Having a few Halloween accessories or costumes from previous years available will help the random uncostumed guest have a lot more fun. You can even buy a few cheap Halloween masks at the dollar store without breaking the budget.
  • Create a Theme – Having a fun, non-mandatory theme can give your guests planning ideas. We emphasize non-mandatory because you don’t want to alienate the oddball who’s never seen a Star Wars movie, for instance.
  • Make Sure to Decorate – But you also don’t have to overdo it. Remember, your guests will all be decorated, so as soon as the party gets going, it’s going to look Halloween-ish, even if your spooky decor is minimal.
  • Provide a Rare Cocktail Experience – As fast as Sourced is growing, we still haven’t saturated the market. That means that most of your guests haven’t had our bespoke cocktails. Be the hero of your own gala by introducing them to us. For a Halloween party, we believe that our ON TAP growlers are ideal. Each one serves 30 drinks, and you can keep the growlers for future events when you’re done. We recommend one large growler for every dozen drinking adults.

Why ON TAP Halloween Party Drinks for Your Party?

If you’ve never sampled any of our pre-made cocktails at a live event, team-building activity, virtual happy houror other affairs, you are long overdue. Sourced Craft Cocktails partners with local businesses for the ingredients we require to create and mix our world-class cocktails. We have mastered the art of home delivery in the cities where it is allowed, and we provide everything you need for cocktail service.

For a home or office Halloween party, we highly recommend our ON TAP cocktail party growlers. Here’s how ON TAP works:
  • Make sure that you’re located in one of our delivery zipcodes. There are a lot of them, so the chances are good.
  • Choose a delivery date and time. You can have it delivered the day of the party or even a day or two before. The cocktails last up to a week in our growlers. Delivery times are between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • Track your delivery to make sure that you’re home to receive it.
  • Our delivery mixologist will mix your cocktails in the infuser right there at your door.
  • You keep the large Growler Werks uKEG machines for future events. Refilling them is even more of a bargain than your first order.
  • In addition to the growlers, we provide you with high-quality, reusable plastic cups that you can let your guests keep.

We have dozens of cocktail choices, but for the fall, here are a few of our favorites:
  • Smirnoff Pumpkin Spice Mule
  • Bulleit Fall Old Fashioned
  • Don Julio Harvest Delight
  • Johnnie Walker Apple Cider Whisky Smash
  • Singleton of Glendullan 12yr Winter Solstice

Step up from a tacky liquor and soft drink mixed drink bar. Order your ON TAP growlerand choose a delivery date that works for your party.

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