Stock Your Bar with Premium Cocktails at Home

Stock Your Bar with Premium Cocktails at Home

Being able to serve cocktails at home is one of the best aspects of having an at-home bar. You can get creative, impress your friends, and try new drinks to your heart's content. If you're big on keeping your fridge stocked with cocktail ingredients to serve before a party, dinner gathering, or even the big game, knowing what to keep on hand is essential. Luckily, with a quick breakdown of the absolute musts and must-nots, you can make sure your at-home bar is ready to go at all times.

Stocking your bar with cocktails has many benefits, and Sourced Craft Cocktails ON TAP bundles are an excellent way to make the process fun and easy. It's convenient front door service takes the guesswork out of making delicious drinks– even on a whim. And, with a few simple tips, you can have the best at-home bar in the city that's sure to have your friends asking to come over every weekend.

It's time to get the party started (or to kick back and relax, whichever you prefer) with the best custom-crafted cocktails and at-home bar supplies on the market. Step up your cocktail game today and enjoy a tall glass of whichever classic cocktail recipe you're currently craving with Sourced Craft Cocktails ON TAP collection.

Why Stock Your At-Home Bar with Different Cocktails

So, you're a margarita person. We absolutely love that for you. They're fun, they're light, and they instantly transport you to memories of warm weather, beaches, and sunshine. Your significant other, though, is a bourbon fan and we love that for them, too. Their idea of relaxation is more of envisioning a cool night by the fire. Here at Sourced Craft Cocktails, we believe that no one preference is better than the other, and we're here to meet the needs of all tastes and preferences. There are several reasons to keep a variety of delicious cocktails at home.

Different People, Different Tastes

We mean this quite literally, that different people have different flavors they prefer to grace their palettes. When you have a group of people over, whether it's a large group of family to celebrate a holiday or a crowd of friends to join in some good old revelry, you want to make sure you have a little something for everyone. As a host, the responsibility to make sure guests are happy will usually fall almost solely on you.

The centerpieces of many gatherings and get-togethers are generally a few simple things: the food and drink, the crowd, and the entertainment. People are likely to forget virtually everything else, but they will always remember their favorite drink. Stock your at-home bar with the best custom-crafted cocktails, and it's sure to be a hit.

Include a little bit of something for everyone, from vodka-based cocktails to tequila creations, gin mixes to bourbon blends, and everything in-between.

Explore, Expand, and Experiment

Another one of the best reasons to keep a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks at home is to meet your own needs and desires. Sure, you have your favorites, your go-tos for when you're craving a relaxing beverage, but there are other times when it just feels right to switch it up. Having the right drinks on-hand, already batched to perfection, is key for these situations.

It's human nature to want to explore and experiment, therefore expanding your horizons. When you have the opportunity to sample new s directly at your at-home bar, you can do just that, without the hassle, pressure, and fear of ordering something new you may not like and having to send it back with the waiter.

Have Fun at Home

The last reason to keep your at-home bar stocked with various tasty cocktails is fairly simple. It's fun to enjoy new beverages without the complicated process of mixing yourself. If you're a cook in the kitchen or an amateur mixologist, you know the joy that tasting a new and interesting beverage can bring, not just to you, but to your loved ones as well.

Having the right cocktails on-hand at all times allows you to drink as you wish, when you wish. If your Saturday evening is looking a little dull, get to pouring a craft cocktail at home to shake things up. Or, maybe, you have a special dinner planned with your significant other, and having a delicious drink directly at hand is the perfect way to elevate the evening.

Why to Stock Your Bar with Sourced On TAP Products

Our cocktails ON TAP are one of the easiest ways to make sure your home bar will allow you to pour the most delicious mixed drinks at any time. One of the biggest hurdles that people face when creating their own classic cocktails at home is making sure they have the proper list of ingredients and supplies. Find out you're missing a single element of a beverage and the entire thing can be thrown off-kilter, making the taste just a little too "off."

Sourced On TAP from Sourced Craft Cocktails helps ensure that this is never the case. We deliver everything you need right to your door, ready-made, and ready-to-go.

Some companies may include the bare necessities, such as the liquor and an instruction card with cocktail recipes, but we go way above and beyond that. When you order Sourced Craft Cocktails on TAP, you'll get a round of beverages that are already mixed to perfection and ready to drink then and there.

What's even better is that all of our drinks are guaranteed to stay fresh and ready to use for at least 7 days, which means you'll never have to worry about unnecessary waste.

Best of all, we make it easy to get precisely what you're looking for while also supporting a great cause. Simply order by phone or online and arrange a delivery date and time, and you can rest assured that your premium cocktails will arrive at your front door, delivered by a smiling face. The individual delivering your will be a local bartender. We're helping to make sure that these individuals in the serving industry continue to make a living wage as the current pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the bar and restaurant industry.

Tips for Starting Your At-Home Bar

As more and more people are re-decorating and furnishing their homes to meet in-house entertainment and relaxation needs, creating at-home bars is becoming a more popular idea. Whether you have an outdoor patio that you're converting to an entertainment space, a finished basement you want to upgrade, or any extra room you'd like to see get a fun facelift, an at-home bar can make all the difference.

Now, you no longer have to travel out to enjoy the best cocktails in town. You'll have them right within an arm's reach, housed in your at-home bar. However, many people have never gone through this undertaking before, and if you're looking for some tips on how to start, we're the people to talk to.

  1. Get the right glassware. The glassware can make all the difference when stocking an at-home bar. You need the proper variety of drinking glasses based on the beverages you'll be serving. Make sure to purchase a set of wine glasses, high balls, beer mugs, tumblers, martini glasses, and more. Only get what you need for your most common drinks and buy enough to have two sets for the number of people you generally serve. While Sourced Craft Cocktails will always deliver the appropriate re-usable plastic cups for a cocktail, many people prefer to have their own glass versions on hand.
  2. Get the proper accessories and bar tools. Creating the best cocktails at home comes down to more than simply having the right ingredients. You'll also need to have the necessities to prepare the beverages. Make sure you have items and accessories such as bottle openers and wine screws, a cocktail shaker, muddlers, mixing spoons, and more. If you have an ice machine, you'll want a scooper, and if you have a sink, you'll want dish towels and sponges. With Sourced Craft Cocktails you can even get your own large cocktail machine, the Growler Werks uKEG machine, your's to keep for future use..
  3. Keep the right accouterments. So, you have the perfectly mixed cocktails with the ON TAP growler, the glassware or reusable cups, and the equipment to make the best cocktails at home. What about the secondary ingredients? If you're creating an at-home bar, having the right variety of syrups, fresh fruit, and garnishes is essential. With our ON TAP service this is never necessary since all drinks come completely ready to go, but it's fun for the future if you ever plan to venture out into mixology on your own. Go with the extras that you'll use most frequently, such as lime juice and salt for the rims of margaritas, olives for martinis, and fresh mint for mojitos. Other common staples include lemon juice, tomato juice, tonic water, club soda, orange juice, cranberry juice, fresh citrus fruit, and more.
  4. Avoid grocery store pre-made cocktail mixes – One of the keys in have a top-shelf home bar is relying on fresh, whole fruits and ingredients, rather than the shelf-stable pre-made cocktail mixers found on your grocery shelf that are filled with tons of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Sourced Craft Cocktails are several cuts above these popular, but substandard pre-made mixes and you will taste the difference.

Order Sourced Craft Cocktails Today

Whether you're setting up your at-home bar and are looking for a quick order of unique beverages to get started with the best at-home cocktails, or have a special evening planned and want to serve something delicious without the hassle, our Sourced ON TAP service is here to help. Order your favorite cocktail today to experience the difference in fresh flavors and superior service.

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