The Perfect Cocktails For Valentine's Day

The Perfect Cocktails For Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day enjoy a romantic date night in and have your cocktails delivered to you! Sourced Craft Cocktails makes it easy to get your Valentine’s Day cocktails delivered straight to your door, so you can start mixing up the love as a pre-dinner treat or enjoy your cocktail kit over dessert.

The Lemon Drop is enjoyed by all and will be a great cocktail to sip on as you set the dinner table with candles, flowers, and heart-shaped decor. It is perfectly balanced and refreshingly tart! Ketel One Vodka, Orange Liqueur, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and homemade rich simple syrup create a conversation starter cocktail with a sophisticated vibe.

The Cosmopolitan is right on brand with its bright pink color and will make a great addition to your Valentine’s Day dinner or dessert. This classic cocktail combines Smirnoff Vodka, Orange Liqueur, and fresh-squeezed lime and cranberry juice to give you a vibrant drink that is perfect for celebrating your love. 

What Makes a Good Valentine's Day Cocktail?

Some people think you can stick a red and pink cocktail umbrella in a beverage and call it a day. Others think you can drop a few red gummy bears in a fizzy beverage and that makes a great holiday drink. While these answers might not be wrong, here at Sourced Craft Cocktails, we know that there's so much more to creating a truly delicious, high-quality cocktail.

First, it starts with premium ingredients. That means top-shelf liquor (such as Ketel One in our Lemon Drop or Smirnoff in our Cosmopolitan!) and the freshest cocktail ingredients. Second, it means having a top-tier recipe to follow and making sure that there's enough of your special cocktail to go around for everyone. 

Lastly, it means superior service and the ultimate convenience. That's why we deliver everything right to your front door. All of the ingredients you'll need, including the mixers and cups, along with detailed instructions for mixing up the perfect Valentine's Day cocktail creation.

Shop Sourced Craft Valentine’s Day Cocktails Today

If you're searching for the best Valentine's Day cocktail kit, look no further than Sourced Craft Cocktails. You'll get a cocktail kit that's fresh and delicious delivered to your door in time for Valentine's Day.

All of our kits are guaranteed to stay fresh for at least seven days, meaning you can order ahead to put your mind at ease!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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