What Your Favorite Cocktails Say About You

What Your Favorite Cocktails Say About You

For Don Draper of TV’s “Mad Men,” it was a classic old-fashioned. Carrie Bradshaw and her “Sex and the City” crew favored cosmopolitans. And James Bond always drank vodka martinis “shaken not stirred,” until the Daniel Craig iteration of the legendary British spy changed the recipe in the 2006 version of “Casino Royale,” when the Vesper Martini was created. It probably won’t surprise you to find out that none of these delicious concoctions fell haphazardly into the hands of their corresponding characters. Authors, screenwriters, and playwrights spend a lot of time matching the personalities of characters with the cocktails they drink. That’s because each cocktail recipe carries its own personality with it, from the type of glass in which it’s served to the texture to the tastes to the colors, etc.   

At Sourced Craft Cocktails, we treat our cocktail recipes like living, breathing entities — which is why we give them catchy names, like Fistful of Bourbon Snowdrift or Stick in the Mud. Read on to find out which of our cocktails matches up with your unique personality. 

Most Popular Cocktails

We didn’t invent the cocktail; we just found the highest-quality ingredients and then perfected the recipes for them. Cocktails are a global tradition, and here are the world’s best-selling cocktails in 2022:

1. Negroni 

2. Old Fashioned 

3. Dry Martini

4. Margarita 

5. Daquiri

6. Aperol Spritz

7. Espresso Martini

8. Manhattan

9. Mojito

10. Whiskey Sour

The vodka-based Mule just missed its spot on the list but came in at a very popular number 11. If it happens to be your favorite cocktail, don’t worry. Mules are alive and well. 

The Benefits of Declaring Your Regular Drink

If you don’t have a regular cocktail choice, you may want to consider declaring one. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing a favorite cocktail:

It Makes You Seem Decisive

Mixologists love to have you try their signature cocktails, but when they’re behind a busy bar, they don’t want to wait for you to make a decision. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing, “What would you recommend?” when they have thirsty customers waiting. Chances are good that they’ll move on and won’t come back to you until they’ve served all of the other patrons. Knowing what you want means you will get better service when you order the second round. 

It Helps You Refine Your Tastes

Do you know whether you like a martini dry, extra dry, or dirty? Do you prefer rye to bourbon in your old fashioned? The more you drink the same type of cocktail, the better you’ll know what you like. Bartenders don’t mind making substitutions if they know you’re not going to send your drink back. “I’ll have an old-fashioned with rye, easy on the syrup, and please don’t muddle the fruit.”

You Find Out Which Places Make the Best Drinks

Have you ever gone to a bar that shakes all of their mixed drinks no matter what the recipe calls for? Or they use dark rum in every drink? Bartenders should follow cocktail recipes to exacting standards. If the bartender deviates or ad-libs the recipe, it can affect the entire taste of the drink. Having a standard drink will help you choose the best watering holes. When you find the good ones, you won’t want to go to those where they make subpar drinks. 

You Can Establish A Rapport With The Bartender

Bartenders appreciate patrons that make life easier for them. If you’re a regular and you have a standard drink, your bartender can take the liberty of mixing up your favorite without asking. It’s important that you don’t make a fuss if you are in the mood for a beer that night. Just tell the server that you’d like to change your order for the next round. They may even take a round off your bill. If that happens, please tip on the full amount. 

You Can Order a Cocktail Kit to Have Your Favorite in Your Home

Sourced Craft Cocktails make it easy to sip in your home if you have a favorite cocktail. Just order the cocktail kit that you want and choose a delivery time. A Sourced delivery bartender will drop off everything you need to make 6 to 16 cocktails in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost of going out. 

What Kind of Personalities Like Each Cocktail

Having a regular drink says a lot about your personality, but so does the type of drink. Here are some of the connections we’ve made between drinker personalities and libations:

  • Negroni – You have an appreciation for tradition. This Italian cocktail became popular during prohibition but traces its roots to Italy 19th century Italy. 
  • The Old Fashioned – The ability to make a perfect old fashioned may be the mark of a truly great bartender. If you drink old fashioneds, you may have gotten caught up in the mid-century trend of the past few years, which may make you a hipster. No judgments, though. We even have a few hipsters working at Sourced. 
  • Dry Martini – At some point, martinis assumed an unsurpassed level of elegance and panache. If you drink them, it probably means that you have a touch of both — or are hoping that your cocktail will give you those qualities. 
  • Margarita – No one ever had a bad time where margaritas are served. You’re probably a lot of fun to be around — or you’re reliving a spring break from your past. 
  • Mojito – This is a deliciously smooth drink that requires the bartender to grind mint leaves in a glass. If you drink mojitos, you’re probably the most popular person in the room with everyone except the bartender. 
  • Mint Julep – The iconic beverage of the Kentucky Derby, a Mint Julep says that you're a fan of sport. Wear a fancy hat for bonus points.

We want you to drink whatever cocktail you feel comfortable with, so don’t take any of these personality assessments too seriously — drinking responsibly and tipping well says much more about your personality than the cocktail filling your glass.

Finding a Sourced Cocktail to Match Your Personality

Sourced Craft Cocktails wants you to be able to drink fine cocktails wherever you want without judgment. Our home craft cocktail kits make having your favorite cocktail in your home easy. Every cocktail kit comes with:

  • The premium alcohol base
  • Delicious handmade syrups and fresh-squeezed juices.
  • A jigger so that you can measure out your ingredients like a pro 
  • Our high-quality branded, reusable plastic cups
  • Instructions for mixing your cocktails

We deliver your kit in a stylish European tote. 

Another way to enjoy your favorite cocktail is Sourced ON TAP. With this service, you receive an attractive copper infuser that serves 32 drinks. Our bartender delivery person will prepare the infuser for you, so all you need to do is pull the lever on the tap and start drinking from the cups that we provide. The infuser is yours to keep, and you can order refills as often as you like. Here’s the best part, the infuser will keep your drinks fresh for up to a week. 

Sourced Craft Cocktails provides you with a way to try different cocktails in your home, regardless of your personality and style.

If you’re having an office party, a conference, a networking event, or another affair, our cocktail catering service can upgrade your drink service by providing your guests with high-quality craft cocktails. Make your event stand out and hire Sourced Craft Cocktails today.  

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