The Windy City is well known for its wide variety of unique cuisine, but with its rich history deeply rooted in the prohibition era, we consider Chicago the cocktail mecca of the new world. Very few cities can serve up a negroni, an old fashioned, or a sidecar the way a Chicago mixologist at a corner bar can. But you shouldn’t have to go out to the bar and pay Chicago prices every time you want to kick back and enjoy cocktails with your partner, your friends, or by yourself, and Sourced Craft Cocktails wants to make sure you don’t have to. Sourced employs Chicago bartenders who deliver the booze, ingredients, and recipes for your favorite cocktails right to your door. 


Craft Cocktail Delivery Services

Sourced cocktails are as convenient as they are innovative and delicious. You can order Sourced three different ways in Chicago, and we’re sure you’re going to love one of them. 


Shop Today’s Menu

Go to our Shop Today’s Menu tab, take a look at the cocktail offerings, and click on the one you like. Each order will make 8 to 12 drinks. Your order will include a bottle of the high-quality alcohol you’ll use to create your beverage (i.e., Bulleit Bourbon, Pyrat XO Reserve Rum, etc.), the mixers you’ll require, a jigger to help you measure your ingredients, a menu with the drink recipe and instructions on it, and our signature reusable cups to serve your drinks in. The drink description will break down the cost per drink, which you will find to be about ⅓ to ½ the cost of a drink at a moderately priced Chicago bar. This is a great way to get to know new cocktails and to broaden your horizons.


Cocktails on TAP

If you’re a cocktail enthusiast who enjoys having drinks at the ready, you’re going to love this concept. You can purchase a small or large GrowlerWerksuKeg draft cocktail infuser machine that we will refill for you whenever you need. The small machine serves 15 cocktails, and the large machine serves 30. With your first Cocktails on TAP purchase, you will receive a machine that you can keep and refill with us when you want. These attractive, copper steampunk-looking taps are going to be a hit at parties as well as intimate gatherings.


If you’re a little concerned about working with your machine, don’t be. Your bartender delivery person will mix your drink and fill your device right at your door when. If you can pull a tap handle, our cocktails on TAP will work for you. Like all Sourced Craft Cocktails products, the average cost of custom cocktails served from your machine is a fraction of what you pay at bars. All of our Cocktails On TAP packages come with our Sourced reusable drinking cups. 


Build Your Kit

If you have a favorite base alcohol — rum, gin, whiskey, vodka, tequila, scotch, etc. You pick your drink of choice and then select one of the accompanying cocktail packages. You’ll receive your bottle of liquor, ingredients, a jigger, cocktail instructions, and our branded serving cups, delivered to you at your convenience.


How Delivery Ordering Works

Our cocktails are only available in certain areas, which is unfortunate for people living outside those delivery zones — but not if you live in Chicago! Check your zip code to make sure you’re in our delivery zone, create an account, and fill your shopping cart with the kit you want. If you get your order in before 1:00 p.m., you can get your cocktail kit the same day if there is still a 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. slot available, Tuesday-Saturday. Or you can order for any future day. 


You can track your delivery via text updates, and you will get a message on your phone when your delivery is en route. This is one of the most convenient, safe ways to get booze and cocktails during the pandemic, but the convenience and price per drink ensure that you’ll be a lifelong customer. 


Sourced Cocktails Event Hosting Services 

We want to host your events. Here are four reasons why you should let us:

  • Virtual Happy Hours – As many companies have moved to work-from-home or hybrid arrangements, managers are attempting to maintain cohesiveness. To answer this dilemma, we have created virtual happy hours. We will deliver the ingredients for the cocktail of your choice, and your employees will learn how to make them in a virtual meeting, hosted by a trained mixologist. This is one meeting they won't be texting through.
  • Happy Hour in the Office – If you and your employees work in the office, hosting a happy hour in the office can be a great way to take the edge off after a hard day's work. We can take the work and planning off your hands. You should let us. We're good at it. We will bring everything you need to host a happy hour in the office: booze, mixers, cups, etc. Have your employees vote on the drink that they want.
  • Team-Building Cocktail Classes – We have four different types of classes, so if we're a hit, you can have us back for another version. One of our mixologists will come out and teach your staff how to make a drink. The skill may not be transferable to your field, but it will make the next dinner you attend at an employee's house a lot more fun.
  • The Parlor Club – Ensure perfect Friday attendance by enrolling in the Parlor Club — a weekly, biweekly, or monthly subscription service. We will deliver two ON TAP growlers filled with our premium cocktails that will last for a week. No one misses Parlor Club Day. As an incentive, you can allow your best-performing employee to pick the cocktail of their choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Chicago Craft Cocktail Deliveries

We know you’re dying to give us a try, but you also have questions. Let’s see if we can answer them for you. 


Do You Only Deliver in Chicago Proper?

No, our service areas extend well beyond the city limits. The best way to find out if we deliver to your Chicago-area town is to put something in your shopping cart and enter your zip code. 


Who is Delivering My Cocktails?

That’s the best part, really. Our drivers are bartenders who haven’t been able to work because of the pandemic. Your orders are helping them stay on their feet during the hospitality slowdown. If you order Cocktails On TAP, your bartender delivery person will set up your machine right there.


Do the Bartenders Accept Tips? 

While tipping is not required, your bartender delivery person appreciates the acknowledgment of excellent service, and we do too. 


Are the Cocktails Difficult to Mix?

No. We provide you with the alcohol, the mix, and fresh ingredients. We even give you a jigger and cups to make sure you can’t get it wrong.


Cocktail Delivery in Chicago

We’re proud to employ bartenders, support local businesses, and deliver high-quality craft cocktails to the residents of Chicago. If you’re in the mood for delicious, sophisticated cocktails in the safety of your home, order today!