From established districts like Downtown and Uptown to the up-and-coming neighborhoods like the East End, it seems like there’s a great place to grab a drink anywhere in Houston. The city’s preferences are uniquely Texan, with tequila and whiskey being the two most popular spirits in H-Town, but there is still a quiet sophistication with the high-end cocktails that are becoming increasingly popular, even with the local college scene fueled by Rice University and the University of Houston.


If you’re looking for a premium handmade craft cocktail without having to leave your home, Sourced Craft Cocktails can bring that bar-quality cocktail directly to you! Sourced employs bartenders from the Bayou City’s best bespoke bars to work in our kitchen, making fresh mixers with whole fruits and syrups with no added artificial sweeteners or preservatives. 


So whether you’re on the Southside or north of the Loop, a quality bespoke cocktail kit is only a few clicks away from being delivered to your front door.


Sourced and the City of Houston

We got our start in Texas, just a few hours west of Houston in the capital city of Austin. It only made sense to us to expand our custom craft cocktail services to our fellow Texans. Like our delicious hand-made cocktails, Sourced has a recipe for bringing cocktails to the cities we serve. We scoured Houston for the best mixologists the city has to offer, and we gave them side-gigs. The same bar geniuses that serve you a world-class old-fashioned or gimlet at your favorite local also work in our kitchens developing new and better recipes with locally sourced ingredients. They’re also the caterers we send to your events and the delivery bartenders who show up at your door. We didn’t just bring cocktails to Houston — we joined the Houston economy. When you order from Sourced Craft Cocktails, you support local workers and businesses. As fellow Texans, we’re proud to be in the great city of Houston. Thanks for having us. 


Event-Planning Made Easy

Everyone loves a well-catered event, but few people enjoy the work that goes into creating one. Well, we’re the exceptions. We love catering events, and we have several creative ways to serve our cocktails to your guests. 


Virtual Happy Hours

Work-at-home and hybrid office schedules have become the rule of the day for many Houston businesses. If you have difficulty getting your office crew together because they are never physically together, our virtual happy hour may be exactly what your company needs. We will deliver everything your employees need to construct cocktails in their homes: booze, mixers, a jigger, and even our branded reusable service cups. Your staff will all meet on Zoom with one of our mixologist hosts, who will teach a short class on making your cocktails. The meeting ends with a virtual toast.


In-Office Happy Hours

Take the best parts of an office happy hour — drinks, friends, comradery, and fun — and subtract the worst parts of office happy hours — stragglers, uninvited joiners, and the hefty bar bill — and you have the recipe for our in-office happy hours. We provide the liquor. We provide the mixers, finishings, cups, and bar tools. And yes, we provide the mixologist, who will be bringing all of these supplies with them. No one needs to “go home and get ready” for the office happy hour. 


Team-Building Exercises 

This is the perfect solution for introverted workers and in-office rivalries. With our team-building packages, you can choose from four different packages, like the in-office happy hour, our mixologist will bring everything your teams need to perfectly construct our delicious concoctions. We even have one package that matches employees against one another in a “Chopped”-style competition. And at the end, you all get to enjoy the superb cocktails you’ve made. 


The Parlor Club

We like making cocktails for our clients so much, we want to come back. If you have a monthly, biweekly, or weekly event, then you belong in the Parlor Club. You can schedule us for regular deliveries. On the first event, our mixologist will drop off two large draft cocktail infusers with the drinks of your choice. Our delivery mixologist will prepare the growlers so all you have to do is pull the tap to draw a drink. You can change up your drink orders anytime you like and the growler will keep your cocktails fresh for up to seven days. 


Delivering Craft Cocktails in Houston

Sourced Craft Cocktails has cracked the code for home cocktail delivery. If you’re dying to try our cocktail drinks, but you don’t have an office event or party to host, we’ve got your back. 

  1. Check to make sure that Sourced delivers in your zip code. Anywhere in Houston is a sure bet. 
  2. Choose from one of three options:

Today’s Menu – We bring your everything you need to build 8 - 12 cocktails.

Cocktails ON TAP – We deliver a small or large growler and mix it right at your door.

Build your Own – Choose your favorite spirit and pick a cocktail. We will deliver everything require.

  1.  Choose a delivery time between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. If you order before 2:00, you may be able to get same-day delivery if available. 
  2. Track your delivery via text messages. 

Houston residents love the convenience of having posh cocktails delivered to their doors, and they’re as easy to mix as making a cup of coffee.


Houston, Raise Your Glasses!

If you live in Houston, you’re in luck. Now, you can have Sourced Craft Cocktails at a work event, a private event, or in your home. Order today!