From the country music scene to the lively nightlife, Nashville, TN is an unparalleled city — not just in the United States, but the world over. East Nashville may have the highest concentration of bars and nightlife, but there are drinking establishments aplenty throughout Music City, along with some of the best bartenders around. 

With what you see today in Nashville, it may come as a shock that Tennessee passed the first prohibition law in the country in 1838 — 80 years before the Volstead Act ushered in the Prohibition Era — making it illegal to sell alcohol in bars and stores. Fortunately, this piece of legislature is long in the past, which clears the way for Sourced Craft Cocktails to deliver and serve delicious bespoke drinks at your events and corporate affairs. Call today to schedule an experience to remember. 


About Sourced in the City of Nashville 

When Sourced Craft Cocktails comes to your city, we partner with local stores and businesses to locally source our ingredients: liquors, fresh fruits, syrups, etc. We also hire the best of the best mixologists to work in our kitchens and create unique mixes and ingredients. What we don’t do is include artificial sweeteners or preservatives in any of our cocktail recipes. Nashville, its businesses, and bartenders have all worked to make Sourced Craft Cocktails the first choice in event cocktail catering in the city.


Sourced Craft Cocktails Events

We are first and foremost event planners. It’s what we love to do. Creating and delivering cocktails to businesses is the way that we express our passion for hosting. 

Our Event Planning and Corporate Services takes on a variety of forms, but we have four promotional events that have been huge hits with our business clients.


Virtual Cocktail Hours

If you have a staff that works in different geographic locations, works from home, or works on a hybrid schedule, our virtual cocktail hours are the way to bring them together for a drink without leaving their home. We can deliver a Sourced Craft Cocktail kit to any employees who live in our delivery locations around the city of Nashville. These kits include the liquor and mixers needed to make their cocktails, as well as a jigger for measuring and our high-quality reusable cups. When everyone has their kits, your team meets on Zoom with one of our mixologist hosts. We make our cocktails and join in a company toast. You can keep the party going for a while after that. It’s your choice. 


In-Office Happy Hours

Have you ever noticed how quickly an office happy hour deteriorates? You have two or three no-shows, a random outsider looking to make friends, and then everyone scatters once the bar tab is closed. Our in-office happy hours are designed to bring all of the benefits of an office happy hour without the negatives. You order the drinks and quantities you want, and one of our host mixologists will show up with everything you need: liquor, mixers, and cups. Order some wings, and you have a full-attendance happy hour without leaving the building. 


Team-Building Cocktail Classes

If you want to strengthen the bonds between your employees, few things can do the trick like team-building exercises and libations. You choose the event from one of our four options:

  • Shaken & Stirred
  • Agave Happy Hour
  • Whiskies From Around the World
  • Bramble Bar

but spirited competition. We love hosting team-building cocktail classes for our Nashville corporate clients. Try all four!


The Parlor Club

This is the perfect solution for managers or employees who are tasked with hosting a weekly, biweekly, or monthly meeting. If you have a regular event, we can take over the hosting responsibilities. In the Parlor Club, you receive two large draft cocktail infusion machines, which serve up to 30 cocktails each. Our delivery bartender can set up the growlers, and you and your invitees need only to pull the tap to serve yourselves crafted cocktails in the cups that we provide. You can change the drinks every month or repeat old favorites. Your cocktails will last up for up to a week in your growlers. No one misses a meeting when the Parlor Club is in session. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Sourced Craft Cocktails

The following are some of the questions we’ve received from Nashville and other cities. If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us today.


Does Sourced Cater Non-Business Events?

Sourced Craft Cocktails caters to all types of business and private events. In addition to our corporate offerings, we are a perfect fit for weddings, birthday galas, backyard barbecues, union meetings, and more. 


Can We Tip the Delivery Mixologists?

Tipping is not required, but it is certainly allowed. We want our employees to be rewarded for outstanding service, so if you feel so inclined, please feel free to tip. 


Does Sourced Take Jobs From Local Businesses?

To some degree, we compete with local bars, restaurants, and catering businesses, but we are definitely not looking to put bars out of business. We love a good cocktail in a good restaurant or bar, so we have a vested interest in keeping them open. We also purchase our liquor and other ingredients that go into our recipes from local liquor stores and grocers. 


Drink Up, Nashville!

Sourced Craft Cocktails is excited at the opportunity to serve cocktails at your events. Order online or call today!