Whether you’re in The Peninsula or you’re “East Bay All Day” there’s one thing we can all agree on — the Bay Area loves a good cocktail. From the younger party scene in the Marina to the haute couture bars in the Mission, San Francisco has a nightlife all its own, while up-and-coming areas of Oakland and the East Bay are beginning to see a renewed nightlife culture with their own roster of trendy bespoke cocktail bars. 
For those who don’t want to travel on BART or deal with traffic on the Bay Bridge, Sourced Craft Cocktails has the perfect way to enjoy a premium, professionally mixed drink without having to leave your home.
Sourced employs bartenders from the Bay Area’s best neighborhood cocktails bars to work in our kitchen, making fresh mixers with whole fruits and syrups and no added artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


Sourced and the City of San Francisco

As one of the country’s principal cities, Sourced Craft Cocktails is consumed with excitement to be slinging cocktails in the Golden City. Just as the original Forty-Niners settled here during the gold rush, we’ve come to stake our claim and herald in an age of cocktails and mutual success. Sourced is a unique cocktail company that caters events and delivers drinks to people’s homes. We do not put shopkeepers and bartenders out of business, however. On the contrary, we have partnered with local businesses to supply us with liquor, fruits, syrups, and other ingredients. And don’t worry about your local bartenders — some of the best mixologists in the city moonlight for Sourced. 


Sourced Bespoke Cocktails Event Services

We love nothing better than impressing your guests, business partners, employees, and bosses with our cocktails. That’s why we offer a number of event packages where we supply all things related to cocktails. If you’re tired of having a choice of mixed drinks, like rum and coke, gin and tonic, and vodka and OJ, have Sourced come to your next event. Here are some of our more popular packages:


Virtual Happy Hour

We can’t work at home, but we know for some of our customers, it’s the best thing since the invention of home-delivery cocktails. But if you’re missing face-to-face bonding at the local watering hole, our Virtual Happy Hour may be exactly what your office needs. We deliver our cocktail kits to the employees on your list. You meet on our Zoom channel with one of our mixologists at a predesignated time. They will walk your team through the cocktail instructions. You then make a toast or two or three.


In-Office Happy Hour

Any manager who knows the value of a good happy hour to blow off steam also knows the drawbacks: large bar tab, employees checking out early or not showing, and the annoying uninvited guest. With our in-office happy hour, our mixologists can serve magnificent, quality cocktails to your employees in your conference room, reception area, or at their desks. We bring everything: alcohol, garnishes, mixers, and high-quality reusable cups. No one skips out early when happy hour comes to work. 


Team-building Cocktail Classes

This is one of our favorite events to host. One of our mixologists shows up at your location with everything your employees need to learn to make a specific kind of cocktail. It’s always interesting to see the individual twists that the different teams will add to our favorite recipes. We have four different programs. One even pits employees against each other in a friendly competition. 


The Parlor Club

If your company or group has a weekly, biweekly, or monthly event, the Parlor Club can take care of your drink service in a bold, delicious fashion. One of our delivery mixologists will bring you two of our draft cocktail infuser growlers, set them up, and then get out of your way. Your guests can serve themselves by putting one of our Sourced cups under the tap and pulling the handle. If you have any leftovers, don’t worry, the growlers keep your drinks fresh for about a week. We will come to refill them before your regularly scheduled meetings.


Sourced Home Delivery 

There are so many great things about the city of San Francisco, but one of them is that they allow home liquor delivery, which means that Sourced Craft Cocktails can be delivered to your home. Here are three ways that you can receive home cocktail delivery:

Shop Today’s Menu – We rotate anywhere from 15 to 20 cocktail recipes on today’s menu. You choose the one you want, and we will deliver the booze, mixers, a jigger, mixing instructions, and Sourced Branded Cups. 

Cocktails ON TAP – You can order a small (15 drinks) or large (30 drinks) cocktail infuser, and our delivery bartender will mix your cocktails right at the door. The infuser is reusable for future purchases and will keep your cocktails fresh for up to seven days. 

Build your own – If you have a favorite type of booze or a brand you like, you can build your drink order around it. Each build-your-own option has three different corresponding kits. So, for instance, you can get a bottle of bourbon and get a Mint Julep mix to go along with it. Each build-your-own option has three different corresponding kits.


For home delivery, you can order online and track your delivery via text-message updates — like you would with food delivery. We deliver between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., and you can choose from the available delivery slots. 


Best Cocktails in San Francisco

Sourced believes in the right of every San Franciscan to enjoy a high-quality drink at work (employer permitting) and at home. Order today.